Home Condition Survey

Why do people take a risk on what is likely to be the biggest investment they ever make? Many people believe a survey will be prohibitively expensive. In fact we often save the client considerable expense by reporting on defects that can be costly, enabling the purchaser to re-negotiate the purchase price.

SAVA offers the Home Condition Survey a clear and concise report on the condition of the home you wish to purchase. This allows the homebuyer to quickly make an informed decision, representing much better value for money. The survey includes an insurance valuation, where possible, which is a guide to how much the property should be insured for.

The Home Condition Survey delivers a thorough report, in plain English, giving a jargon free assessment of the condition of the property in question using a simple 1-2-3 rating guide on all the major aspects that are likely to affect the decision to buy.

All Home Condition Surveys are recorded on the SAVA software, ensuring not only quick and efficient production of the report but also ensuring that every aspect of the survey is effectively archived, is fully insured and retrievable at any time.