About Energy Performance Certificates  

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

This is a document compiled after an inspection of the home by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor or Home Inspector. The property’s performance is rated in terms of its energy efficiency and its impact on the environment. This certificate is currently valid for 10 years for sale or rental purposes.

The inspection will take on average just under an hour, depending on the size and complexity of the house. It is a visual inspection, and the Edwards Inspections Assessor will be focusing on:
  Construction What the walls are made of and how many are outside walls; are there rooms in the roof; are there extensions  
  Size The overall measurements of the property and the height of the rooms  
  Insulation Walls, roof space, windows  
  Fuels Used for space heating and water heating – gas, oil, electric etc  
  Heating system Type and age, and how controlled  
  Hot water system Type and age, and amount of insulation  
  Windows How many and what type  
  Fixed lighting How many energy efficient lightbulbs are being used  
  Property age The age of the main building and all extensions and loft conversions  

The Assessor will need access to the loft hatch but can provide a ladder if necessary.  Any documents the seller possesses relating to planning permissions for extensions, guarantees for replacement windows, cavity wall fill etc will be very useful and may improve the rating achieved.

Loft insulation  
  The Certificate will have calculated two energy ratings for the property:  


Energy Efficiency Rating – a measure of the overall energy efficiency of your home.  The higher the rating the more energy efficient your property is.  


Environmental (carbon dioxide) Impact – a measure of the property’s impact on the environment.  The higher the rating, the less the impact on the environment.  
  These two ratings are also displayed in coloured bands in much the same way as on fridges and washing machines.  
  In addition, the Energy Performance Certificate will indicate what actions could be taken to improve the energy efficiency rating with an indication of possible annual savings on fuel bills.  This will be useful for your buyer once they have moved into the property.  If you are buying a new property yourself, you will find the EPC on that property helpful when deciding on what improvements to make.  Even just increasing the depth of the loft insulation and getting the cavity walls filled with insulation (if appropriate) can make a noticeable difference to your comfort levels as well as fuel costs.
Example EPC